Aug 11 2008


FractalizeR @ 1:29 am

Optimus engine was my second step on a path to developing a support area system capable of dealing with heavy load (dozens of thousands of customers, dozends of hundreds of simultaneous downloads) where all system must be on a single, not high-end server.

Points of interest

  • Written entirely in PHP, uses MySQL database as a backend. No other requirements.
  • Downloads are still protected, but no PHP scripts are involved in download process to decrease server load
  • Download counters, download limits, security logs and various options included

Optimus design was pretty ascetic, partially reflecting my bad designer’s taste, partially simplifying the job. Actual directory browsing was done using free AutoIndex PHP script which just redirected all download requests to Optimus core.

Optimus is now deprecated in favor of Mirelle, my next-generatiion support area project. Mirelle page will be here, as soon as I will have something to post.

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