Oct 05 2008


FractalizeR @ 7:56 pm

PHPStopFlood is a library that can be used to detect and protect a Web site from attempts to flood it with too many requests. It also allows to protect the site from automatic downloading many pages or files from the same IP address, with the same session id or with whatever same identification token provided by you. The detection of flood is determined according to a set of parameters indicating the maximal allowed number of requests for the certain time interval. It is possible to set several parameters at once in order to perform more effective protection.

PHPStopFlood was derived from PEAR HTTP_FloodControl by Vagharshak Tozalakyan. The difference is that PHPStopFlood is independed from PEAR and doesn’t require it. Also PHPStopFlood includes a little more storage engines, than HTTP_FloodControl has. Source code is a bit rewritten for my own needs, containers include PHPUnit tests.

You can download PHPStopFlood library sources at this link. Source code is pretty self-documented. A basic usage sample can be found at this link

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