Oct 05 2008

Javascript VBulletin Editor Toolbar Controls Framework

FractalizeR @ 8:09 pm

Writting VBulletin addons, especially those, related to BBCodes extending, I always had difficulties with adding BBCode buttons to editor toolbar. Standard way is too limited: you cannot select which editor to add buttons to, you cannot choose to what line to add these buttons, you cannot create a new toolbar for them… Adding buttons to AJAX-produced editor windows causes troubles… You are TOO limited…

Thinking about the solution I tried to do that via plugins and didn’t come to any acceptable solution. I always care about my code beauty so I am strongly against modifying VBulletin PHP code (because that makes updating VBulletin complicated for user. Each new update vanishes your code hacks).

The solution I suggest is DHTML way. I have written a small frawework to control editor toolbar. Let me first consider it from the surface.

More information about this framework can be found in this article.

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