Oct 05 2008

VBulletin Antivirus

FractalizeR @ 8:06 pm

What does it do?

It scans every attachment any user uploads to your forum for viruses and allows to execute various actions if any virus is found. Hack requires PHP 5.x. and (depending on driver) PHP AV extensions or some antivirus software installed on PC

Points of interest:

  • Modular architecture (can be attached to almost any antivirus. Just a few lines of code needed to write a driver)
  • Allows to exclude certain usergroups from check
  • Allows to exclude certain threats (viruses)
  • Can autoban user, that uploaded infected attachment
  • Can send PM notifications about virus to selected usergroups or users. Message text and options to send are customizable.
  • Can warn user, that uploaded virus by PM about his action. Message text and options to send are customizable.
  • Can change usergroup of the user, uploaded infected attachment
  • Can create a post in specific thread or a thread in specific forum with customized text about user and virus he tried to upload
  • Can execute arbitrary PHP code when the virus is found

How to install?

  • Unpack archive into forum root
  • Install *.xml file via Admin Control Panel (Product management)

Driver is bundled for phpLibClamAV extension which uses ClamAV antivirus natively from PHP.
Installation instructions and sources are here: http://trickie.org/code/phplibclamav.php

For other antivirus engines you will need to write a driver or at least give me full docs on antivirus you use.

How to update to latest version?

Overwrite all files by new ones from latest zip and reimport product XML file via Admin Control Panel with “Allow Overwrite” option checked.

You can download the latest version of this addon at it’s official page at VBulletin Community Website

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