Aug 21 2008

[Linux] Installing YUM (Yellow dog Updater, Modified)

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YUM is an rpm package manager with very easy syntax. It is preferred especially for beginners to install packages using yum as this is very easy. Your Linux distro should already have yum by default, but if this is not so, let’s install it. BTW, you can find yum manual here.

You can check if your system has yum by entering

  • yum –help

Attempting quick way

Let’s suppose your system has everything yum needs to run. In this case you will be able to install yum easily via rpm command. Go to YUM downloads page and see, what version is the latest stable. At the time of writting it is 3.2.18.

  • rpm  -Uvh python*
  • rpm -Uvh
  • yum upgrade yum\*

To be continued…

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