Jun 01 2009

[Solution] Apache: No space left on device: Couldn’t create accept lock

Category: Articles,Linux administrationFractalizeR @ 3:31 pm

My friend asked me to check the server with this problem. I did and of course first I checked free space on disk using ‘df -h’, but free space was ok. Googling around I found the reason. Unclean shutdown of Apache left many semaphores opened. So, I cleaned them with

for i in `ipcs -s | awk '/nobody/ {print $2}'`; do (ipcrm -s $i); done

You should replace “nobody” in the command with the name of the user Apache is running on your system under. Also I increased semaphore limit in /etc/sysctl.conf by adding to the end of this file

kernel.msgmni = 1024
kernel.sem = 250 256000 32 1024

No system restart is needed to apply changes. Just issue 'sysctl -p‘ command. The solution was found here.

You may also want to switch to another SSLMutex implementation.


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