Jun 23 2010

VBulletin 4.0.4: problems continue

Category: Articles,VBulletinFractalizeR @ 4:48 pm

5 days passed since the release of 4.0.4 version. Despite this version contains some critical bugs that break forum functionality, VBulletin team apparently decided NOT to fix them inside 4.0.4 release. Instead they created a thread on the forum in which they are trying to incorporate critical bug fixes. So, customers that were stupid enough (like me) to install this “maintenance release” are left alone with VBulletin Community forum to search for fixes for their bugs.

Damn it, but I don’t understand, why having purchased commercial product, I don’t have any immediate actions on bugfixing, that are easy for me to follow? Why should I search forum, read threads and manually patch forum files? None released updated files in whatever form to assist their busy customers.

My users who use IE reported another bug. Thumbnails stopped showing:

There is no solution to this bug yet (at least I haven’t found it) and my thread on forum is unanswered for several hours already. Thank you, Vbulletin Solutions for your care about customers.

UPDATE 01/07/2010: The cause has been found. In the attachments content-type for all jpeg images should be “image/jpeg”, not “image/jpg”


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