Jul 15 2010

VBulletin QA Team Epic Fail #4.0.5: AAARGGHHH!

Category: Articles,VBulletinFractalizeR @ 10:34 pm

VBulletin 4.0.5 is released. Among some bug fixes (about 50), we’ve got some new ones to laugh at.

If you install this “maintenance pack”, you will happily look at your forum usernames now contain ARG:5 UNDEFINED message. Nice, eh?

But again, as with the bugs in 4.0.4 nothing of this kind appeared on official VBulletin forum which is running 4.0.5 since yesterday. Do VBulletin developers develop bugs especially for our forums?

VBulletin QA team, congratulations on one next epic fail! 😉

P.S. As any VBulletin user you are welcome to install this great new update with 50 bugfixes. As for me… I’ll better wait….


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