Oct 04 2010

Internet Brands claims against Xenforo

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Today, at the very edge of XenForo sales starting day Internet Brands claimed against XenForo.

Of course, this happened just before the sales day to impact panic on XenForo customers and prevent them from investing into potential VBulletin killer forum software. Internet brands representative, IBAdrian, among all other things says:

Perhaps Kier and Mike think they have “refactored” enough of the code to skirt copyright law. Our analysis strongly indicates otherwise and we believe anyone skilled in understanding such things will concur.

The stupidity of the statement surprises. XenForo sales haven’t even started yet. So, in no legal way can Internet Brands obtain a copy of XenForo sources to conduct any analysis. The only thing available publicly until today is generated HTML code and this is surely not enough to make any analysis.

IB statement is pretty dirty. I never expected such statement to be done by IBAdrian who seemed to me a good guy trying to promote VB and make it stronger. Poor IBAdrian… How disgusting… Just read it. They actually say “We are good and never stolen VB and Kier and Mike are stupid motherfuckers that have stolen our property being good developers though.

So, this is of course just a dirty way to make bussiness and damage XenForo sales. Instead of curing intellectual impotency among current IB developers and bringing VB to a new quality level, they decided to sink every competitor’s ship. Right! Sink them all instead of honestly racing for the prize! Do that!

Some time ago I created a topic on XenForo forum asking about what will happen when IB starts to claim against XenForo in court? But the thread was deleted very quickly. Sadly, I was a prophet at that time. Good luck XenForo and fuck IB. The thread on XenForo forum received no Kier and Mike replies yet, but I think they will follow,

IB, welcome to the World’s Evil Trolls Society!

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