May 01 2015

What are some criticisms of Ember.js?

Category: UncategorizedFractalizeR @ 6:02 pm

Answer by Samer Buna:

  1. Big learning curve, it's definitely not for everybody.
  2. Opinionated framework, for some people, this is a dark hole, even when the opinions are good.
  3. EmberData is not ready for production yet, it might be that this library is just few years a head of its time.
  4. Too much generated code, if you don't understand why it's being generated, you certainly see that as a problem.
  5. 2-way data binding in general has lots of criticism on its own (this is shared with other frameworks of course).
  6. Routes are  the front-line, some people don't see the value in that.

What are some criticisms of Ember.js?

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