May 01 2015

Who is Yehuda Katz?

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Answer by Yad Faeq:

Man man man! This question :)!
Quora Profiles (this should be a new Topic).

Well let me introduce you to Yehuda Katz, the man behind / involved in /with the following awesome stuff:

and perhaps lesser known about:

The startup he founded: Tilde Inc.

We're a small team of developers who are passionate about crafting     great software. We're some of the faces behind Ember.js, Ruby on Rails, jQuery and more. We're here to help you build the products and tools of the future. 

Website /Blog : Katz Got Your Tongue?
Github: wycats (Yehuda Katz)

According to his Linkedin:

Google > Procore > Google > Engine Yard > jQuery > Tilde Inc

These are some of his talks:
Yehuda Katz's Presentations on Confreaks

Who is Yehuda Katz?

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