May 01 2015

With which technical course do I have a better future: Java or PHP?

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Developer supply market stats – who is in demand and how they are paid

Answer by Chung I Yen:

There are some interesting analysis in this article, including the salary range and demand job trend. Check the brief or go to the original article:
What Programming Language Should a Beginner Learn in 2015?
The Developer Supply Market
Let’s take a look at what mentors on Codementor are skilled at:

Of course, this is by no means an accurate depiction of the actual market, but it should give you a good idea of the situation. As you can see, Objective-C experts are mighty scarce, yet the mobile app business has been booming for some time now. With scarce supply of good Objective-C developers, their compensation would naturally be higher.
PHP, on the other hand, seems to have a healthy amount of supply in the workforce, which means employers would have more choice and thus more bargaining power in terms of salary, but we’ve seen it isn’t as demanded as Java, SQL, or JavaScript. Therefore, PHP developers earn less.
JavaScript is more of a special case. Despite having the most supply, it is not at the bottom of the salary tier, and we’ll take a look at JavaScript later in this article.
Salary Range
Now that you have an idea of what the demand and supply for each language is, let’s take a look at the potential salary you could earn based on salary information from job ads. The data is based on data from, in which salary is usually derived as the average value of the salary range offered by individual job ads.

Here you can see that developers who know Python, Ruby, C++, or Objective C appear to have higher starting salaries, but also more limited salary potential. Python and C++ tend to pay at the higher end of the potential salary range.
Java and JavaScript both have huge differences between the lowest and highest offered salaries. JavaScript, in particular, offers the most potential salary to skilled developers at the moment at about 188,168 USD as of April 2015.

With which technical course do I have a better future: Java or PHP?

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