Nov 13 2007

VBulletin: Extended Post Censor

Category: PortfolioFractalizeR @ 6:23 pm


This hack is a post censor, that will replace unwanted words and phrases by the values you specify.

  • Status: free
  • Customer: none
  • Platform/language: PHP, VBulletin


  • Supports standard replace
  • Supports replacing using regular expressions
  • Allows to apply censor only to specified usergroups
  • On-the-fly regular expression syntax checking

Some use cases:

  • I don’t like posts with multiple exclamation or question marks. Maximum three signs is allowed.
  • Sometimes you ban competitor forum names from using on your forum. But users enter them separating letters by spaces or underscores. This is unwanted and it is difficult to deal with using standard censor
  • Any forms of curses and bad words should be replaced by XXX

Version was tested under VB 3.6.8, but supposed to work on any 3.6.x release. Please report all compatibility issues here.

Please look at control panel screenshot below (please mind, that I am russian and screenshots are from russian forum, so for example usergroup names are incorrectly displayed when I set langauge to English).