Nov 17 2010

Joomla’s Slick RSS (mod_slick_rss) improved and reworked for Joomla 1.5 and PHP 5.3

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Recently I was upgrading my websites on Joomla and moved them to PHP 5.3. I noticed too many errors from mod_slick_rss extension coming to PHP log. I’ve fixed them and added some new options:

  • Some new CSS classes to further style layoout
  • Ability to sort feeds by date or by their original order in the feed
  • Header and footer texts to display before and after the feed
  • Ability to output item date in the feed in a given format

You can download updated version here.

Nov 11 2010

Splitting string at capitalized letters

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Recently I had a task to split a given string at capitalized characters, having those saved in PHP. I’ve invented the following solution:

$str = 'TestMyFuncCall';
var_dump(preg_split('/(?=[A-Z])/', $str, null, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY));

The result is:

array(4) {
  string(4) "Test"
  string(2) "My"
  string(4) "Func"
  string(4) "Call"

I utilize regular expressions assertions here to avoid character loss.

Nov 08 2010

Practising OOP in PHP5: emulating mixins (Ruby-like)

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Some evening I was implementing behavorial patterns in my framework’s ORM and I desperately needed something like Ruby mixin or C# extension method or like trait/graft in PHP6+. So I was curious to see how can I implement mixins in PHP. If you don’t know what mixin is, I will tell you at once.

So, I invite you to follow me on paths to implementing mixins in PHP and programming a small library to support them. This article targets beginner and average level programmers. Just be sure you know what OOP is. During the process, I will also make some small mistake about nuances of PHP 5.3 work with classes, will point to it and suggest my solution to it. Good reading!

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Nov 05 2010

Munin: Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text()

Category: Articles,Linux administrationFractalizeR @ 5:15 pm

To fix this bug, you need to patch a file /usr/share/munin/munin-graph in the following way:

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Nov 05 2010

Munin troubles: Fatal error: Could not open “/var/lib/munin/datafile” for writing

Category: Articles,Linux administrationFractalizeR @ 4:09 pm


Having installed Munin recently on my servers, I started to get emails from cron saying

Fatal error: Could not open "/var/lib/munin/datafile" for writing: Permission denied at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/ line 727.
(process:18039): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text()

I also got some errors about /var/log/munin/munin-update.log being inaccessible. Somehow these files does not belong to munin:munin, but to rrdcache:rrdcache, so the solution is just to make them chmod 0777 and that should solve the problem.