Nov 08 2011

Autoloading PEAR incompatible classes, installed from PEAR packages

Category: Articles,PHPFractalizeR @ 12:42 pm

I like PEAR distribution system. It’s simple to use and installed packages are globally available to all your server scripts (of course, this is an advantage only when you mean it to be). But to easily use packages, installed into PEAR, they should follow some conventions, which are rather old these days, when PSR-0 is out there.

I installed Monolog library using PEAR into my system and found, that it hasn’t bundled autoloader. So, I cannot just require() one file in Monolog and start using it, after it has been installed into PEAR. I need to configure my autloader. And to configure my autoloader, I need to know the exact path of PEAR installation.

The best way I found so far to do that is stream_resolve_include_path() function. So, I’ve done that like this:

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