Jan 04 2010

[Linux, PHP] PHP script to backup all databases

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I’d like to share my script, which I use on some production servers for quick database backup using mysql tools. People say, that I should use bash for that, but I prefer PHP 🙂

Script uses mysqldump for dumping databases and gzip for compressing backups. rm is run to ensure backups are not stored for too long.

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Aug 25 2008

[PHP, MySQL] Batch changing charset and collation on databases

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Recently I needed to quickly change charset on all tables and change each field’s chanset in each table in a specific database to latin1 and collation to latin1_swedish_ci. I googled a little and found this solution by shimon doodkin. I used it and it did work, but also it attempted to change charset at MySQL information_schema system database which is something I didn’t want to. It also proceessed all databases at MySQL server. Luckily, there was only two 🙂 It was a test server, that’s why I was uncareful.

Ok. I wrote a bit more elegant solution I would like to share with you today. It is pretty self-explanatory and is based on ALTER TABLE CONVERT TO charset MySQL statement.

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Aug 24 2008

[Linux] Installing latest Apache, PHP and MySQL from sources

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As you probably know, latest software versions are rarely available to be installed as rpms. So, you need to compile them yourself. In this article I will briefly describe a process of installing, configuring and  upgrading latest Apache and PHP.

Please remember, that installing from sources can sometimes break working system. So, please use this guide carefully.

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